How The Selah Way Foundation is Preventing children from sex trafficking and abuse, Protecting victims, and Providing a safe place of refuge for survivors.



From Our Co-Founder & CEO

From Our Chairman of the Board

My passion, along with many, is to see the global takedown of sex trafficking.  The launch of the Selah Way Foundation in 2020 makes this a tangible possibility. Forming this foundation completes the original vision held by Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good and Laurie Swink. I am grateful to be a part of this unbeatable development that is going to change the USA and beyond.

As a resident of Colorado, I endure 1,019 wild fires each summer, plus or minus. That’s mind numbing! Only in the most extreme cases is the world’s largest 747 Super Tanker utilized. Why? The steep price:  In one drop, this 747 fire fighting monster releases 19,600 gallons of flame retardant, at the cost of $60,000, and creates a 3 mile long fire line almost instantly. A huge Impact!

Selah Way Foundation is a 747 Super Tanker built to eradicate sex trafficking globally and to bring freedom to the exploited. Monumental impact! We carry valuable RETARDANT. Yes! This means we ‘impede development’ in the sex trafficking world. We do more. We ERADICATE! How do we do that? By blitzing the world’s dark sexual playing fields, a blitzkrieg. The dictionary defines a blitzkrieg as ‘a violent surprise offensive by massed air forces AND mechanized ground forces in close coordination.’ Our air force is prayer and our ground forces are multiple vetted organizations that serve under our three pillars:  Provision, Prevention and Protection.

Our ‘fire fighting’ forces are perpetually expanding. Join us!!! Looking forward, there are always stunning outcomes from our efforts:  Girls, young people, numbering hundreds of thousands, will be rescued, safely housed and restored to greatness. Simultaneously, governments will be changed, schools will be armed with our training program, and our police forces, hospitals and health facilities will be equipped to identify and bring healing to the would-be destroyed. Change! Yes, CHANGE! Multiple organizations working together under the umbrella of Selah Way Foundation will alter history. Shall I say more?

What a thrill to be participating in this great work.


Lynne Cumming

Chairman of the Board

Leadership Team

  • IMG_9380_Facetune_19-08-2020-13-21-12.he

    Sarah Pretorius

    Director of Programming & Partnerships

    After graduating from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Sarah went on to serve as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi. Working as a Community Health Advisor in Malawi, she experienced first-hand the importance of prevention and education as a means to combat human trafficking.

    As the Director of Programming and Partnerships, Sarah works to move freedom forward across every sector of society. Sarah collaborates with the Foundation's Pillar Partners and grantees to manage and track outcomes while also cultivating new partnerships and strengthening our base of support. 

  • IMG_2109.jpg

    Vanessa Morris

    Branding & Communications Director

    Vanessa Morris is a graduate of the University of South Florida. She began working with Selah Freedom when it was founded in 2011. When the vision for The Selah Way Foundation began coming to fruition in 2018, she was excited to be a part of building a global umbrella to fight sex trafficking and abuse. As the daughter of a survivor of sex trafficking, she has personally witnessed what this issue looks like domestically and is dedicated to eradicating it worldwide. She is passionate about using creative outlets to educate and empower the masses, especially the faith community, to take action, recognize the red flags, and give a voice to those who are not free to speak up for themselves... yet!

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Our Boards

Board of Directors

Lynne Cumming


Ruthie LeFebvre


Frederick A. Feller


Elizabeth Fisher Good




Laurie Swink


Advisory Board

Art Wood

Former President, Northern Trust Bank

Quin Frazer

Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

Mark Bloom

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Brad Good

Good Capital & Property Group LLC


Barry L. Swenson



Beth Rech

Flourish Coaching

Jill Mursewick


Elaine Lewis

The Wade Street Group at Morgan Stanley 

Senior Vice President -Wealth Management, Financial Planning Specialist 



Built On

Years Of Success

The Selah Way Foundation began as a vision in 2010 and has evolved into a catalytic platform to end sexual exploitation and trafficking.  The organization's Co-Founders knew from the beginning that they would first establish Selah Freedom, followed by launching a foundation strongly rooted in the organization's best practices and high impact model, and which would have a global reach. 


In 2018 it was time to bring this vision to life and The Selah Way Foundation became incorporated. The Selah Way Foundation is an innovative approach to deliver scalable solutions to a complicated and ever-evolving issue. It also creates an opportunity for industry-leaders, and vetted organizations doing similar work, to maximize their impact by leveraging shared resources and synergies.


Today, The Selah Way Foundation's three Pillars and training arms are creating an international sea change with an unparalleled approach to moving the needle forward to eradicate sex trafficking, abuse and exploitation. 2020 was a year of building a firm foundation for exponential freedom on a global scale. Now, we look ahead to a new year filled with lives saved.

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Three Pillars


The three Pillars of The Selah Way Foundation create a path to ending human trafficking by addressing it from all angles, creating a movement with a global reach.

  • THE PREVENTION PILLAR provides entire school districts, including all faculty/staff and K-12th graders with S.P.E.A.K. UP, a unique train-the-trainer model with proven outcomes to prevent children from exploitation. 

  • THE PROTECTION PILLAR, comprised of Global Strategic Operatives and the National Training Cadre, trains the front lines of law enforcement agencies and healthcare systems to recognize this crime and rescue survivors.

  • THE PROVISION PILLAR partners with Selah Freedom domestically and Uncaged in Europe to provide safe-housing and restorative programs for survivors.  

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A Network For Freedom

Our methodology is based on investing the funding where it's needed most, and that's not supporting a full-scale, ongoing operations, administration, and salaries. The goal of the Foundation is to teach others how to fish rather than create ongoing dependency. A benefit of the Foundation's collaborative structure is that it allows many organizations to operate with shared resources. This creates an atmosphere of collaboration, not competition between organizations, and allows for the greatest impact possible.​


The beauty of the initiatives under the Foundation is that we have the ability to share resources. Some organizations have their own 501c3 while others have chosen to forego theirs. This allows all to unite and leverage resources to significantly reduce back-office costs, such as marketing, development, accounting, and operations. This method means more money goes to go directly to life saving programs. Some of our Pillar partners are solely initiatives of the foundation, such as the National Training Cadre and the S.P.E.A.K. UP Train-The-Trainer Prevention Model.

We also provide grants to highly credible and vetted organizations on an annual basis, and a smaller scale.

Pillar Partnerships



University Partnerships

The Selah Way Foundation​ understands the importance of evidence-based research, outcomes, measurements and audited financials. We are proud to announce the following University Research Partnerships tied to our different Initiatives. 

Proudly Partners With

Proudly Partners With

Proudly Partners With



Empowering Entire School Systems to S.P.E.A.K. UP


Our Prevention Initiative, S.P.E.A.K. Up (Student Prevention Education & Advocacy for Kids), is a unique train-the-trainer prevention model. By empowering everyone from the principal and teachers to the lunchroom workers and bus drivers to  be able to identify the red flags of sex trafficking and abuse, as well as empowering students to know how to use their voice to protect themselves, we are able to shield the next generation.

This professional learning tool is designed to teach all faculty/staff and K-12th grade students through three phases including

  1. Onboarding:  School leaders become informed and empowered to train their teams on awareness and prevention techniques.

  2. Team Learning: Leaders facilitate a professional development experience for their sites so teachers and staff are informed on awareness and prevention techniques and ready to take students through an awareness and prevention learning experience. 

  3. Student Learning: Educators implement a learning experience for students which promotes awareness and prevention of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. 

We look forward to building more partnerships within our Prevention Initiative.

Preventing Our


From Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 3.36.40 PM.png

National Awareness & Prevention Campaign


Over 2 million children are sold each year into sex trafficking. 92% of victims report being sexually abused as a child. Yet, a majority of men and women are blind to this crime hiding in plain site. In 2020, our national PSA, "One Upon A Crime," aimed to shed light on how innocent children fall prey to sex trafficking and abuse. Theirs is a story of a fairytale gone grim.

  • Once Upon A Crime PSA National Television/Billboard Campaign Impact: TV and Billboards Media Value $3.3 million/ Nearly 20 million educated

  • The Selah Way Foundation received national news coverage including Fox & Friends, PBS, WGN, The Bill Cunningham Show, and more.

  • Over a dozen billboards are featured across seven cities, through our partnership with Lamar Billboard

  • 295,860 people reached in Central Florida, Atlanta area and Chicago


Equipping The



To Recognize & Protect Victims

Pictured: Deb O-hare Ruskowski, founder of GSO, Elizabeth Fisher Good, founder/CEO of The Selah Way Foundation and Dr. Stephany Powell, NTC Master Trainer at White House Human Trafficking Summit


Creating A Shield of Protection


2020 created unique challenges in the anti-sex trafficking movement. Traffickers exploited countless vulnerabilities and many operations went underground. In an era when law enforcement and healthcare professionals are faced with insurmountable challenges, our organization is ensuring they are properly trained through our Protection Initiative to identify and aid victims of sex trafficking and exploitation.

In 2020 we built our National Training Cadre, which is comprised of former and current leaders in law enforcement. It is led by our Master Trainers, Dr. Stephany Powell and Adam Kavanaugh, both highly regarded officers based out of Los Angeles and St. Louis. They have created curricula to train law enforcement, social services, and judiciaries in building cases, identifying victims and gaining convictions of traffickers.

​Unfortunately, there is still a perception held by many in law enforcement agencies, states attorney offices and judicial systems throughout the country, that "child prostitutes" exist. Many children are still being arrested for prostitution, even though federal laws have changed which recognize them as victims of sex trafficking. Our National Training Cadre is committed to opening their eyes and empowering our front lines to be the protectors they were intended to be.​

  • As of December 2020 our trainers have educated over 100 agencies nationwide.

  • Trainings include Implicit Bias in Human Trafficking Cases, Familiar Human Trafficking, Establishing a Court Diversion Program, and more.

Global Strategic Operatives, founded by Deborah O'Hara Rusckowski is a training arm devoted specifically to equipping the medical community to identify the signs and symptoms of sex trafficking and teaches them how to assess and provide safety for patients. Medical professionals are literally on the front lines, so educating them is essential in eradicating sex trafficking. This training arm creates an entirely new layer of protection for victims of this crime.


Through a policy and system-wide approach, we provide trainings led by survivors and expert clinicians to healthcare providers, beginning with the highest levels of the organization. Once trained, healthcare providers know how to confidently take action internally and through external partnerships to best serve survivors.

  • GSO is training the largest healthcare systems, with over 240,000 medical professionals already receiving training in 2020:

    • Baptist Health

    • Advocate Aurora Health

    • Hackensack Meridian Health

    • Baylor Harris Health

    • RWJ Barnabas Health

    • Northwell Health

Dr Stephany Powell.jpg

Dr. Stephanie Powell

Master Trainer, National Training Cadre

Dr. Stephany Powell is a Master Level Trainer with The Selah Way Foundation. She is retired from the LAPD as a sergeant in charge of a vice unit and accepted the leadership role at Journey Out in October 2013. In addition to her LAPD tenure, Dr. Powell is a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership and utilizes that singular combination in several ways. She created and facilitated Team Building and Executive Leadership workshops for the Fire and Police departments. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.


She is a powerful speaker, a tenacious educator and advocate for change, and one of the premiere experts in this field. Dr. Powell has been featured by Los Angeles local media and by CNN/HLN.


In August of 2020, Dr. Powell accepted a national position with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation as the Director of Law Enforcement Training and Victim Services.

Adam Kavanaugh.jpg

Adam Kavanaugh

Master Trainer, National Training Cadre

Adam Kavanaugh is a Master Level Trainer with The Selah Way Foundation and has served as Sergeant of the St. Louis Police Department with 27 years of experience.  Sgt. Kavanaugh’s career began in the City of St. Louis and ultimately moved to the St. Louis County Police Department. There Sgt. Kavanaugh was an Undercover Detective in the departments Vice Unit.  Sgt Kavanaugh performed undercover narcotic, gun purchasing and various undercover roles on cases related to murder for hire, prostitution/trafficking, to mention a few.  

Upon Sgt. Kavanaugh being promoted from the detective bureau he was assigned as a supervisor of the Vice/Narcotics unit where he supervised all aspects of undercover work.  Sgt. Kavanaugh is currently the Commander of the Eastern District of Missouri Human Trafficking Task Force, the Deputy Commander of the state of Missouri’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and assigned as a task force officer with the FBI.  Sgt. Kavanaugh focuses his efforts on the educating and training of law enforcement in the area of identifying and locating victims of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, and identification of their perpetrators. 


Deb O’Hara-Rusckowski, RN, MBA, MTS 

GSO Co-Founder

Deb is critical care nurse by training with a BSN, MBA and a Master’s in Theology with a concentration in bioethics. After working in healthcare and the private sector for 30+ years, she now concentrates in public, non-profit organizations, and philanthropy. She desires to combine her passion for healthcare, business skills and faith. She currently is a Delegate for the Order of Malta’s Mission at the United Nations, focused on human

trafficking and the global refugee crisis. She recently co-founded Global Strategic Operatives for the Eradication of Human Trafficking. She provides educational and training presentations to healthcare providers, airline personnel, government employees, corporations and universities on human trafficking.

She works closely with Homeland Security and law enforcement. She supports an anti-human trafficking educational exhibit in Haiti which rotates regularly around the country. Deb founded Nurses With Global Impact, Inc. in 2016 as a resource for nurses and to recognize those doing extraordinary work and making a global impact in healthcare.



American and European Survivors Find Freedom


Our Provision Initiative is extremely selective in the safe housing organizations we partner with to support and scale for the highest level of impact. In the United States we partner with Selah Freedom, as the vision for The Selah Way Foundation was birthed out of their ten years of experience and renowned success. Uncaged is our European partner serving an area in desperate need, Romania, a hotbed for sex trafficking in East Europe. Our domestic and international scaling efforts work to eradicate sex trafficking on a global scale.

Success of Our Partnering Safe Homes

  • 87% of Selah Freedom survivor graduates do not return to the streets

  • 100% of Selah Freedom survivors receive their GED and begin college or career path

  • 750 survivors in Europe have already been rescued and began their healing journey

A Safe & Restorative


For Survivors In

America and Europe

Domestic Goal: Our goal is to fortify Selah Freedom's ongoing programming and increase their mentorship training program, L.I.F.T. (Leading Into Future Truth) to other organizations in the U.S. 60 organizations have already been trained, with the goal of training 200 by 2023. As a recognized leader in the domestic anti-sex trafficking movement, Selah Freedom is able to provide life-saving resources to survivors from anywhere in United States. Mentoring other service providers will vastly widen the net to impact more survivors.

European Goals: Uncaged is partnering with government agencies across Eastern Europe to create national intervention and prevention plans to stop traffickers before they strike. They are also providing training to identify victims and bring them to safety. Finally, they "healing villages" are being built where survivors go to recover and restore. Without these crucial Sanctuaries, 80% of survivors will be trafficked again.

"My first year sober just passed. I am grateful to finally be safe for all the help I've received on my journey. I'm going to college and working at an amazing job. Life is good and will only get better!"

-Selah Survivor

Laurie Swink is the Executive Director of Selah Freedom. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and has 30+ years teaching 1st-12th grade.  In 2011, Laurie’s heart was moved to establish a residential home when she realized a survivor coming out of sex trafficking was only at the beginning of their journey not the end.  She oversees the Selah Freedom programming while training other organizations to build a sustainable and safe residential program for sex trafficking survivors. Laurie considers her work with the survivors to be a privilege and an honor. 

Kim Westfall is the Founder and CEO of Uncaged. She is an entrepreneurial leader with nearly 30 years of experience leading and scaling successful for-profit and non-profit organizations. From 2006 to 2016, she served as Executive Vice President of Client Services and Consulting for Westfall Gold, a major-donor fundraising consultancy that has helped leading faith-based organizations raise more than $1 billion (USD) to fuel transformation worldwide.

Kim also served as U.S. Executive Director of Watoto Child Care Ministries, an organization that provides holistic care to vulnerable women and children in purpose-built village settings across Africa. In 2018, after being haunted by a vision of ‘children in cages,’ Kim launched Uncaged.

When you support The Selah Way Foundation, you are not merely supporting one organization. You are significantly moving the needle, globally, to save lives and end a crime as ancient as humanity itself.


The Unique Cost-Effective Collaboration of The Selah Way Foundation


The Selah Way Foundation was created to be 'supported and supporting' and operates as a unique, cost-effective collaborative network. Our three Pillars (Prevention, Protection and Provision) encompass our work domestically and internationally to combat sex trafficking and sexual abuse, while our grantee organizations are able to benefit from the support of our organization. This one-of-a-kind approach creates a large umbrella for the greatest possible outcomes in this movement.​


When you support The Selah Way Foundation, you are not merely supporting one organization. You are significantly moving the needle, globally, to save lives and end an abhorrent human rights violation.


For 2021 And Beyond

Prevent The Next Generation From Exploitation

  • Launch five new short films to accompany our S.P.E.A.K. UP curricula which will educate students and adults on grooming and recruitment methods of traffickers and how target youth from all walks of life.

  • Congress will be reintroducing our Bill supporting mandating prevention curricula in classrooms nationwide.

  • Prevention curricula is being translated into Romanian to reach at-risk youth Europe.

  • This program will grow from currently reaching 25,000 youth & adults annually, to 200,000 over the next two years and 2 million by 2023.

Empower Our Front Line Protectors

  • Training plans are underway to train the following agencies in 2021:

    • Manatee County Sheriff

    • Venice Police Department 

    • New York Police Department 

    • St. Louis Metro Police Department

    • Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Department 

    • Los Angeles Police Department 

  • Cryptocurrency and the dark web are playing a greater role in the realm of sex trafficking domestically and internationally. The Selah Way Foundation has partnered with one of the leading trainers in this area and will be rolling out our dark web training in the next 12-24 months to law enforcement agencies.

  • We are preparing for 250,000 more to be trained internationally in 2021, including:

    • India

    • Ireland

    • Australia

    • Poland

    • Africa

    • Thailand and/or Vietnam or Myanmar

Provide More Safe Homes of Refuge

  • Selah Freedom's L.I.F.T. (Leading Into Future Truth) Organizational Mentorship Program will continually expand to instruct organizations on how to successfully and sustainably launch safe housing for survivors. By 2023 200 organizations worldwide will be trained through this mentorship program.

  • Uncaged is expanding their sanctuaries for survivors and continuing to build relationships with government agencies to grow their reach and aid survivors.

The Selah Way Foundation stands UNITED to end sex trafficking in our lifetime.

Dear Supporters of The Selah Way Foundation, 

I am so excited about the clarity that has fallen in place throughout 2020 and as we step into 2021. It has far exceeded my expectations. The powerful leaders who have signed on board to be under of The Selah Way Foundation umbrella are the top of their fields and I am grateful to walk alongside such incredible organizations. 

I want to bring clarity to the purpose of The Selah Way Foundation, in light of the fact that many of you have known me in my role as CEO of Selah Freedom for the past ten years. This was a vision that we had from the very beginning, as we launched Selah Freedom back in 2010. We knew that at one point in the future, there would be a need to launch a foundation as an umbrella and endowment to the movement to end sex trafficking and exploitation. This umbrella supports and collaborates with like-minded, noncompetitive leaders with scalable, best-practices to eradicate this issue in our lifetime. 

The importance of our three Pillars is that, first and foremost, we hope to Forge The Future to create a world in which our children are prevented from falling prey to trafficking and abuse. This is why our Prevention Pillar, with its K-12th grade train-the-trainer curriculum, along with our chid sex trafficking prevention bill in Congress, are paramount. Teaching our children and those who are around them everyday to not only recognize the red flags, but also have a voice to speak up for themselves and their peers, is vital to breaking the pattern of abuse that leads to trafficking and exploitation. We are so excited that Yale University and Michigan State University are our Research Partners for this endeavor and we look forward to providing amazing evidence-based outcomes as we come through our first year implementing this new model. 

Secondly, the passion around our Protection Pillar is to Find The Survivor. Until our first Pillar has grown strong enough to eradicate children from being sexually abused and exploited, we know the importance of educating our first responders. This Pillar, which is comprised of Global Strategic Operatives and our National Training Cadre, with more partners coming on board as we continue to grow. We are focused, in this stage, on training healthcare systems domestically and internationally and law enforcement officers on how to recognize and respond to human trafficking cases, including dark web and cryptocurrency and how it all ties into this crime.

Finally, until these first two Pillars have grown, we know the need for restoration and Freeing The Heart through our Provision Pillar. That is why we are honored to hold up one domestic model, Selah Freedom, and one international model, Uncaged, launching out of Romania. Their vision is to scale throughout Europe and beyond. Both organizations have the same DNA and incorporate best practices to serve this population with the greatest impact and outcomes possible. At Selah Freedom, 87% of survivor graduates do not return to the life and 100% of survivors are pursuing their educational and career goals. At Uncaged, they are seeing the need for their services like never before, as 78% of survivors rescued in Europe are from Romania or Moldova and 50% of survivors rescued in Europe are children

The Selah Way Foundation is a unique 501(c)3 organization that was created to be supported and supporting. While it is important for us to receive support and have our own initiatives, which you see through our Pillar Partnerships, it is also vital that we are able to pass money on to organizations who are joining us in this fight. That is why, in addition to funding our own initiatives, we are providing grants to vetted organizations and we hope that with your support, these grants will continue to grow. Our goal is to have an endowment one day which is so strong that these organizations never have to worry about money, but instead, can solely focus on their work at hand. With a decade of experience,w e know the importance of outcomes, measurements and audited financials. We assure you that your investment will go directly to the heart of restoring and protecting countless lives from sex trafficking and exploitation.

Thank you for believing in our journey!

In Gratitude, 

Elizabeth Fisher Good


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